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What makes great copy? ✍⠀

First up, rule #1 and the bedrock of great copywriting: don’t tell your customers how great you are, tell them what you’ll do for them.⠀

Because as consumers that’s ultimately what we care about, right? How a product or service will add value to our lives. ⠀

Sofa? Sell the ultimate night in, not the sprung seating. ⠀

Bed? Sell sweet dreams, not the memory foam mattress. 🛌⠀

Talk about the things your customers care about – what goes on in their day-to-day lives, their pain points, their hopes and dreams – and you’re on to a winner. ⠀


I’m often asked: ‘Why should I hire a social media consultant for my small business? Can’t I just send out a few tweets and Facebook posts, myself?’

And I’m like, ‘Well, yeeeah, in theory, of course you could but…'

And then come all the 'buts’…

But (oh there’s another one), in the interests of saving you time (I have a tendency to wax lyrical on this topic), here is my quick top-line answer.

You should hire a social media manager because… in a nutshell, they’ll provide long-term success for your small biz. Not only will you have a consistent active social media presence (so, so important), you will have someone who knows your brand, your customers and competitors inside-out; who’ll create the perfect strategy off the back of that; who will improve your customer service, optimise your branding, generate new customers, create engaging content, report back to you with all your wildly improved metrics and who will… save you time on top.

So why waste any more time thinking about it ;)